Ep 152: How Rory McIlroy lost the Masters

Rory McIlroy missed a great chance to win the Masters last weekend, losing out to the hugely unpopular Patrick Reed. Eamon is joined by Gary Murphy to talk about Reed's character and why he's so disliked, as well as McIlroy's performance on the final day, potential caddy issues and lots more

Ep 151: Champions League preview special

Man City face Liverpool in the Champions League tonight, looking to overturn the 3-0 deficit from the first leg. Eamon is joined by John Giles and Didi Hamann to discuss the possibility of that happening, the importance of mentality on big European nights, the players who might make the difference and more.

Ep 150: The crisis at Independent Newspapers

Mick Clifford of the Irish Examiner joins Eamon to talk discuss the ongoing situation surrounding an alleged data breach at Independent News & Media (INM)which is currently being investigated byThe Data Protection Commissioner. What are the implications for the group, and for the so-called INM 19 who were the apparent focus of that breach?

Ep 149: No Pep in City's step - Champions League special

Liam Brady and John Giles join Eamon to discuss the week's Champions League action, especially Liverpool's 3-0 win over Man City on Wednesday night. Eamon gets to say 'I told you so' over City's defending, John isn't having that, and Liam believes the absence of Sergio Aguero was a big factor. Plus Ronaldo's amazing goal, and more.

Ep 148: Christy Dignam - the full story

In this episode, Eamon is joined by singer and songwriter Christy Dignam to talk about his life and career, from the big hits with Aslan, to getting fired by the band; his battle with drugs and cancer, surviving abuse, finding happiness, and what he's learned along the way.

Ep 147: A conservative view

Sunday Times columnist Cormac Lucey chats to Eamon about the impact of Brexit, the Irish economy, and the danger to our corporate tax regime.

Ep 145: Michael O'Flynn not optimistic on the housing crisis

In this episode property developer and builder, Michael O'Flynn, tells Eamon why he feels there's no good news on the housing front, the measures that could be taken to benefit consumers, dealing with NAMA, worries about a lack of people in the building trade, and lots more.

Ep 144: Trump on the attack

Donald Trump has gone on the offensive, responding to perceived attacks from Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, and former vice-President Joe Biden. Niall Stanage joins Eamon to discuss that, Steve Bannon's role in the Cambridge Analytica/Facebook scandal, and all the White House latest.

Ep 143: Mourinho proves his critics right

Eamon is joined by Liam Brady to discuss Jose Mourinho's increasingly erratic behaviour at Man Utd. His press conference antics and public castigation of Luke Shaw reinforce Liam's belief that he's the wrong man for the job. There's also a look at Alexis Sanchez's struggles since moving to Manchester, the Champions League quarter-final draw and more.

Ep 142: Net Closing On The Kinihan Cartel

After Gardai foil another gangland murder, Nicola Tallant - Investigations Editor with the Sunday World - joins Eamon to discuss the latest on the Hutch/Kinahan feud.

Ep 141: More mayhem in the White House

Another week, more madness in the White House as Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, got fired by Twitter. Niall Stanage of The Hill joins Eamon to discuss that, the replacements, and the increasingly erratic behaviour of Donald Trump.

Ep 140: Mourinho's Champions League failure

Things get hot and heavy between Eamon, John Giles and Didi Hamann as they discuss Manchester United's Champions League exit to Sevilla, Jose Mourinho's team selections, Paul Pogba, and much more

Ep 139: Gordon D'Arcy

Eamon is joined by former Irish rugby international Gordon D'Arcy who talks about his career, the lessons he learned along the way, dressing room dynamics, the importance of character, concerns of injuries in the game, and lots more.

Ep 138: The Donald, the trade war, and the porn star

Eamon is joined by Niall Stanage from Washington, and in studio by economist Jim Power, to discuss Donald Trump's trade war, the effect it may have on the American and world economy, and the ongoing saga involving porn star Stormy Daniels.

Ep 137: Mick Clifford - Turning tragedy into farce?

Eamon is joined by Mick Clifford for the latest from the Disclosure's Tribunal in the week that Maurice McCabe gave evidence.

Ep 136: Italian voters reject Europe and their own elite

Eamon is joined by Paddy Agnew from Italy to discuss the extraordinary outcome of the Italian general election, and the repercussions it might have for that country and for Europe.

Ep 135: It's the end for Arsene Wenger

Eamon is joined by Didi Hamann and John Giles to discuss the Carabao Cup final and the now apparently inevitable end to Arsene Wenger's reign at Arsenal. They also chat Liverpool, Chelsea, the Champions League and John takes Eamon to task over his dismissal of Man City's defending.

Ep 134: Niall Stanage from Washington

Eamon is joined by Niall Stanage of the The Hill newspaper in Washington for the latest from the Robert Mueller probe into Russia interference in the election, the reaction to the mass shooting in Florida, and more.

Ep 132a: Exclusive - Wigan manager Paul Cook

Following their brilliant 1-0 victory over Man City in the FA Cup on Monday night, Eamon has a quick chat with Wigan manager Paul Cook about the game, their approach, his influence on Seamus Coleman's career and more.

Ep 132: Champion League special

Eamon is joined by Liam Brady and John Giles to discuss the Champions League, including Chelsea v Barcelona, Man United's game against Sevilla, Paul Pogba's pace (or lack of it), and more.

Ep 131: Housing crisis - the truth behind the slogans

Eamon is joined by Karl Deeter of Irish Mortgage Brokers to look at the issue of housing in Ireland, and why perhaps all is not quite as as cut and dry as it seems.

Ep 130: Kinahan/Hutch feud - the boxing connection

Eamon is joined by the Sunday World's Investigations Editor, Nicola Tallant, to discuss the ongoing Kinahan/Hutch feud and the connection to the world of boxing

Ep 129: Mick Clifford on the Disclosures Tribunal

Eamon is joined by Mick Clifford of the Irish Examiner to get the latest from the Disclosures Tribunal, the potential fallout, media involvement and more.

Ep 128: Conor Brady on newspapers and the guards

Eamon is joined by Conor Brady, former editor of the Irish Times, to discuss a lifetime working in newspapers and what the future holds for the industry. He also discusses the role of the Gardai in Irish society, and more

Ep 127: Football – the battle for the top four, and much more

Liam Brady, John Giles and Eamon have a robust debate as they agree to disagree on a number of Premier League issues, including Guardiola, Pogba and Klopp, as well as who'll finish in the top four – the gloves come off!

Ep 126: Trump v the FBI - a fight to the death

Niall Stanage of The Hill newspaper in Washington joins Eamon for the latest on Donald Trump, the Robert Mueller led FBI investigation, the Dow Jones slump, and more

Ep 125: A passionate defence of Pep Guardiola

Eamon is joined by John Giles to discuss the end of the transfer window, the first signs of Arsene Wenger's power at Arsenal being diluted, Paul Pogba's below par performance against Spurs, and John disagrees with Eamon over the performance of Pep at Man City.

Ep 124: The year of the Donald

As Donald Trump prepares to make his state of the union speech, Eamon and Niall Stanage of The Hill newspaper in Washington 'celebrate' the first year of his presidency, compare him to previous presidents, discuss the Russia probe, the work he's done, and much more.

Ep 123: The long, lonely road of Maurice McCabe

Mick Clifford of the Irish Examiner discusses the treatment of Sergeant Maurice McCabe and his grotesque treatment as the Disclosures Tribunal continues at Dublin Castle.

Ep 122: The Dapper Don is finished

Nicola Tallant, Investigations Editor with the Sunday World, with the latest on the Hutch - Kinahan feud, more murders, their middle-eastern difficulties, and more

Ep 121: Liverpool do it again

Eamon is joined by John Giles and Didi Hamann to discuss Liverpool's defeat to Swansea, the Alexis Sanchez move from Arsenal to Man Utd and the Gunners interest in Borussia Dortmund striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, and the two guests disagree with Eamon's opinion of Pep Guardiola and his Man City team.

Ep 120: Eddie Hobbs

Warning: Clear your debt and buy gold. Eddie Hobbs looks to the past to understand the future

Ep 119: The crisis at Real Madrid with Richard Fitzpatrick

What is going on at Real Madrid this season? Currently 19 points behind Barcelona, and lying 4th in the table, with Zinedine Zidane under real pressure, and Cristiano Ronaldo suffering his worst season ever for goalscoring, things are a mess. Eamon is joined by Spanish based sports writer Richard Fitzpatrick to discuss.

Ep 118: Mick Clifford on the Disclosures Tribunal

Eamon is joined by the Irish Examiner's Mick Clifford to discuss the latest from the Disclosure's Tribunal, including the close links between the Garda Commissioner and the Minister for Justice

Ep 117: From Charleton to Bannon

In this two part edition, Eamon is joined by Mick Clifford of the Irish Examiner to hear the latest from the Charleton Tribunal, and then, from Washington, Niall Stange of The Hill reports on what has been a difficult week for Steve Bannon.

Ep 116: Alice Leahy on the homeless crisis

Alice Leahy is Director of Services at the Alice Leahy Trust - a non-judgemental, befriending, social and health service for people who are homeless. She tells Eamon about her life in that service, how and why things are worse than ever, and what needs to be done about i

Ep 115: Fire and Fury

Niall Stanage reports on the explosive new book that has raised the most serious questions yet about the Trump presidency.

Ep 114: City for the title, Mourinho for Paris

Eamon is joined by John Giles to discuss the festive Premier League drama, including Mourinho's 'vicious' comments about Paul Scholes, Antonio Conte's uncertain Chelsea future, the return to form of Jack Wilshere, and more.

Ep 113: Robert Fisk on Trump and the Middle East

Eamon is joined by journalist Robert Fisk to talk about the crisis in Syria, Donald Trump, and the ongoing issues in the Middle East.

Ep 112: Paul Kimmage on Chris Froome

Eamon is joined by Paul Kimmage to discuss the ongoing Chris Froome story, and asks when does use of medicine become performance enhancing?

Ep 111: Simon Carswell - a reporter's story from Anglo to Washington

Eamon chats to Irish Times journalist Simon Carswell about his career, from the banking crisis, Obama's second term, Trump's election and beyond.

Ep 110: Man City's dominance continues, but can they win the Champions League?

Eamon is joined by Liam Brady and John Giles to talk about Man City's dominance of the Premier League, but the panel differ over whether Pep Guardiola's side can go all the way in Europe. There's also discussion of Man Utd, Chelsea and Arsenal, and a look at the Champions League draw.

Ep 109: Bertie Ahern on Brexit

Eamon is joined by former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern who discusses Brexit, the perils of negotiating with a divided British government, and why Leo Varadkar must use Ireland's veto

Ep 108: Trump on a roll

The latest from Washington with Niall Stanage. Up for discussion Donald Trump's decision to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the ongoing Michael Flynn investigation, and the president's backing of Roy Moore in Alabama

Ep 107: Katy French – Death and drugs, then and now

Its 10 years since model Katy French fell victim to cocaine and the Celtic Tiger party. Eamon is joined by Investigations Editor with the Sunday World, Nicola Tallant, to discuss what a grip the drug had on society back then, how it has made millions for the drug gangs, and where we are today as the deadly feud between the Hutch & Kinahan continues.

Ep 106: Joe Brolly uncut

Eamon is joined by Joe Brolly to talk about growing up in Derry, the GAA and its role in the community, commercialism, politics, and much more

Ep 105: Frances Fitzgerald on the brink

Eamon is joined by the Irish Examiner's Mick Clifford to discuss the ongoing crisis in justice that may bring down the government

Ep 104: Stick or twist with Martin O'Neill?

John Giles and Liam Brady join Eamon to talk about Irish football and the future of Martin O'Neill. Is it time for a change, or stay with more of the same? There's also Premier League discussion, and the possibility of an English winner of the Champions League this season.

Ep 103: Father Peter McVerry on his despair at the government's approach to the housing crisis

Eamon is joined by Father Peter McVerry to talk about his tireless crusade for the homeless of Ireland and his growing despair at the government's response.

Ep 102: Life inside the White House press room

Eamon is joined in studio by Niall Stanage, White House reporter for The Hill newspaper in Washington DC. On the agenda, Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton, Republicans, Democrats and lots more.

Ep 101: Are we going to Russia?

Eamon is joined by Liam Brady and John Giles to discuss the 0-0 draw with Denmark on Saturday night, the second leg at the Aviva on Tuesday, and to assess the chances of qualification for the World Cup in Russia next summer.


Ep 100: The battle for the soul of An Garda Síochána

Good cop, bad cop. Eamon is joined by Mick Clifford of the Irish Examiner to discuss the two sides of An Garda Síochána.

Ep 98: All the President's Men Face Criminal Charges

The Hill's Niall Stanage joins Eamon to give the latest from the White House press room.

Ep 97: Didi Hamann on Bayern Munich's Situation & the Problems at Liverpool

Eamon is joined by Didi Hamann to to chat about the latest developments at Bayern Munich and Liverpool.

Ep 96: David Hall, CEO of Irish Mortgage Holders, on Ireland's Delinquent Bankers

David Hall is a campaigner, CEO of the Irish Mortage Holders Association and founder of New Beginnings, which set out to guide people through the economic crisis. He joins Eamon to dissect the origins of tracker mortgages and how Shane Ross, once poacher of Ireland's delinquent bankers has become the least vocal.

Ep 95: Colm Tóibín on the Crisis in Catalonia

Colm Tóibín first went to Barcelona in 1975 as a 20-year-old (two months before the death of General Franco). He stayed for three years, working as a teacher and returned many times over the years, writing about his love affair with the region in his book Homage to Barcelona. In this episode, he joins Eamon to give an insight into the current situation in the region.

Ep 94: Liverpool and Manchester United's Disappointing Stalemate

Eamon is joined by John Giles and Liam Brady to discuss the latest Premier League games.

Ep 93: Donald Trump - How to Lose Friends & Make More Enemies

The Hill's White House reporter, Niall Stanage, reports on the ever darkening mood in Washington.

Ep 92: Clare Daly - A Radical View of Ireland

As independent socialist TD for North Dublin, Clare Daly has been one of the most effective members of the Irish government in recent times. She joins Eamon to talk about her life in politics and view on contemporary Ireland.

Ep 91: Lessons from Moldova, a Lifeline from Scotland and Everything to Play for in Cardiff

John Giles, Liam Brady and Eamon review Ireland's win against Moldova and preview the Ireland vs. Wales match.