Episode 75: Is Pop Guardiola a Mad Scientist?

Didi Hamann, Liam Brady and John Giles join Eamon for a round-up of the latest Premier League games and Eamon apologises to a disgruntled Spurs fan. If you have any comments for the lads, send them into thestandwitheamondunphy@gmail.com


Ep 74: Ireland - A Conservative View

Eamon is joined by Cormac Lucey, a chartered accountant, Sunday Times economics columnist and former advisor to Michael McDowell.


Extra: Trump Stumbles on Race & North Korea

Eamon is joined by The Hill's Niall Stanage to get the inside track from the White House press room.


Episode 73: Brady, Hamann & Giles on the Premier League Weekend

Eamon is joined by Liam Brady, Didi Hamann and John Giles to look at the first Premier League weekend of the season.

Episode 72: The Premier League Preview

Eamon is joined this week by John Giles and Liam Brady to talk about their predictions for the Premier League. It doesn't look good for Manchester United.

Episode 71: Robert Fisk on War, 40 Years in Beirut and Trump (Repeat)

The writer and foreign correspondent Robert Fisk joins Eamon to discuss his journalism career, the Middle East and what impact the new American president may have. This episode originally aired in two parts in January 2017.

Episode 70: Paul Kimmage - Hunting Lance Armstrong (Repeat)

Eamon speaks to Paul Kimmage about life as a cyclist, the pressure to take performance enhancing drugs in professional cycling and the Armstrong saga. This episode originally aired in December 2016 as a two-parter.

Episode 69: In Conversation with Stephen Rae

Stephen Rae is one of this island's best known actors. He joins Eamon to talk about his life and illustrious film, TV and theatre career.


Episode 68: Trump, Russia and the Looming US Constitutional Crisis

The Hill's Niall Stanage returns to The Stand to discuss the latest developments in US politics.

Episode 67: Disclosures Tribunal - A Special with Mick Clifford

As the Charleton Tribunal enters its fourth week, Mick Clifford reports on the latest information to emerge from the inquiry.

Episode 66: In Conversation with Ronan O'Gara

Eamon is joined by the rugby legend Ronan O'Gara for an in-depth conversation about his life and career.

Episode 65: Kevin Myers - The Man Behind the Byline

Eamon is joined by the writer and journalist Kevin Myers to discuss his career from working as a correspondent in Northern Ireland and the Middle East, writing An Irishman's Diary in the Irish Times for more than 20 years and dedicating himself to preserving the memory of the Irishmen who died in both World Wars.


Episode 64: Exclusive - The Latest in Donald Trump's Crazy World

Eamon is joined by Niall Stanage, the associate editor of The Hill newspaper, for the latest on Donald Trump.

Episode 63: Mick Clifford on the Extraordinary Evidence at the Charleton Tribunal

Eamon is joined by Mick Clifford, the Irish Examiner's special correspondent, for an in-depth look at the evidence from the first module of the Charleton Tribunal.

Episode 62: Emmet Kirwan on Heartbreak, Riot and Leading the Rise in Spoken Word

Emmet Kirwan is Ireland's most exciting young actor, writer and spoken word artist. His show 'Dublin Old School', which he wrote and starred in, has sold out several runs in Dublin, Edinburgh and The National in London and is being adapted into a feature film. He is currently starring in 'Riot' at Vicar Street with THISISPOPBABY, where he performs 'Heartbreak', a poem he wrote about a teenage girl who gets pregnant. For tickets to Riot (6th-8th July), visit www.ticketmaster.ie/promo/xdkiio

Episode 61: Lennon to Bowie, Bono to Dylan - BP Fallon on his life in rock 'n' roll

BP Fallon's career has been vast: he's DJed since he was 17; as a music publicist he worked with Led Zepplin and T.Rex; as a photographer he's captured Iggy Pop and Emmy Lou Harris; as a musician he's performed with U2 and he currently performs with his own band BP Fallon and the Bandits. The 'rock 'n' roll renaissance man' joins Eamon to talk about his life's work to date.

Episode 60: Johnny Murtagh - A Champion's Tale

Ahead of Irish Derby weekend, Eamon speaks to Johnny Murtagh, four time winner of the race.

Episode 59: Seán Boylan - An Irish Life from the RA to the GAA

Eamon is joined by one of the great Irish men, Seán Boylan. They talk about Seán's father's involvement in the Irish independence movement, his own career in Gaelic football and his following a calling to become a traditional medical herbalist.

Episode 58: The Brutal Torture of Sgt. Maurice McCabe

Mick Clifford, special correspondent at the Irish Examiner, speaks to Eamon about the task facing the Charleton Tribunal.

Episode 57: Going Against the Grain - Fathers4Justice

Last Sunday was Father's Day, a day when many children affirm love and appreciation for dad. For many men who have restricted access to children or no access at all, Father's Day is a poignant reminder of loss. Fathers4Justice is a campaigning group founded to challenge the bias against men, inherent in family law in Ireland and UK. Matt O'Connor is its founder. He joins Eamon to speak about the work the group do.

Episode 56: Colm Tóibín on his new novel 'House of Names'

Eamon is joined by the novelist, playwright and poet, Colm Tóibín to discuss his latest novel 'House of Names'. The book has been described by The Guardian as "a brilliant retelling of a Greek tragedy" and, on the podcast, Tóibín explains how modern day terror prompted him to write the novel.

Episode 55: Geoffrey Wheatcroft on the Tory crisis + John Giles on Ireland's draw with Austria

Geoffrey Wheatcroft talks about the crisis for the Tories, the dangers of the DUP/Tory alliance, and Boris Johnson’s dubious character. John Giles on Ireland’s 1-1 draw with Australia, and why Gareth Southgate didn’t need to go commando.

Episode 54: Donald Trump - Victim or Villain?

In the first part of the show, Eamon is joined by John Waters to discuss his view on Donald Trump. In the second part of the show, The Hill columnist Niall Stanage gives a special report on James Comey's testimony from the White House press room.

Episode 53: Security Analyst Tom Clonan on the New Terrorist Threat Facing Ireland

In the wake of the latest terror attack on London on June 3rd, Eamon is joined by Dr. Tom Clonan, the Irish Times Security Analyst and former army officer. They discuss how Ireland is not prepared for an attack like the London one.

Episode 52: NAMA - The Institution that Answers to No One

Jim Power is Chief Economist at Friends First and a columnist at the Irish Examiner. He joins Eamon to talk about NAMA.

Episode 51: The Shocking Truth Behind Seán FitzPatrick's Trial

Tom Lyons is deputy editor of the Sunday Business Post and author of the bestselling 'The FitzPatrick Tapes'. He joins Eamon to for an in-depth discussion of Seán FitzPatrick's trial and its outcome.

Episode 50: A Trump Special with Niall Stanage

Niall Stanage is The Hill's White House columnist. He worked for the Sunday Business Post, Magill and Hot Press before emigrating to the United States. The Hill is Washington's biggest selling newspaper and has a large online presence.

Episode 49: Remembering the Lisbon Lions 50 Years On

Fifty years ago, a Celtic team, made up of 10 men from a 10-mile radius around Glasgow and one from just 30 miles away, made history when they beat Inter-Milan to win the European Cup in Lisbon. John Giles played against that team and he joins Eamon to discuss the Lisbon Lions, as they came to be known. They also reflect on the Premier League season and name their player of the year and coach of the year.

Episode 48: Frank Flannery on Enda Kenny, Fine Gael's leadership contest & why Leo Varadkar excites him

Frank Flannery, Fine Gael stalwart, former Director of Organisation and Strategy, says "Leo Varadkar is the politician that most excites me since Garret Fitzgerald," and gives his verdict on the Kenny era.

Episode 47: Ronan Lyons on the Reasons for the Housing Crisis and Some Obvious Solutions

Ronan Lyons is an assistant professor in the Department of Economics at Trinity College Dublin and an economist at Daft.ie where he conducts extensive research into the Irish property market. He joins Eamon to discuss the situation facing renters, first time buyers and homeowners in the current housing crisis and what the government could be doing to remedy it.

Episode 46: Ken Doherty from Hustler to Champion

In the second part of this two part interview, Eamon talks to Ken Doherty about making his way up the ranks in Blackpool and the aftermath of his legendary victory in 1997.

Episode 45: Ken Doherty on the Long Road to Becoming World Champion

In the first of two part interview, Eamon Dunphy talks to Ken Doherty about the early days of his snooker career up to becoming World Professional Snooker Champion in 1997.

Episode 44: Ronaldo from Ferguson to Zidane

Eamon, Liam Brady and John Giles talk about Ronaldo's career to date. They also look at the Joey Barton betting scandal, his 18 month ban and Liam gives the latest on Arsenal.

Episode 43: Mary Fitzgerald - A Foreign Correspondent's Story

Mary Fitzgerald is one of Ireland's most distinguished journalists. She joins Eamon to discuss her seven years working for the Irish Times as a roving foreign correspondent and her time spent in Libya during the anti-Gaddafi protests.

Episode 42: Dr. Peter Boylan Talks Exclusively to The Stand

In an interview with Eamon Dunphy, Dr. Peter Boylan suggests that one of the problems with the National Maternity Hospital project was that Minister Simon Harris was 'looking for a win'. He tells Eamon about his belief that the board was looking for a state of the art facility at any cost and was therefore blinded to the gravity of the situation they now find themselves in.

Episode 41: Didi Casts Doubts Over Klopp's Approach

Eamon is joined by John Giles and Didi Hamann to discuss who will win this season's trophies, the good news for Manchester United and whether Guardiola has improved Manchester City or not.

Ep 40: Conte's Big Mistake Offers Spurs a Lifeline

Eamon is joined by Liam Brady and John Giles to discuss Chelsea v. Man Utd, the decline of Barcelona and Conte's first big mistake. Liam criticises Eamon's depiction of players as donkeys: "it's inappropriate from someone who played for Millwall in a league of donkeys".

Episode 39: Graeme Souness Looks Back on his Illustrious Playing and Managing Career

Eamon Dunphy in conversation with Liverpool legend Graeme Souness.

Episode 38: A Manchester United Special with Liam Brady & John Giles

Eamon is joined by Liam and John for an in-depth look at Manchester United's performance this season and what their prospects are under José Mourinho.

Episode 37: Nicola Tallant, Sunday World Investigations Editor, on the Kinahan-Hutch Feud

Sunday World Investigations Editor, Nicola Tallant, joins Eamon to talk about working as a crime reporter during the deadliest criminal feud in Irish history.

Episode 36: Dunphy on Why Roy Keane Should Stop Doing Press Conferences Before Ireland Games

Eamon, Liam Brady and John Giles review the weekend's football and preview the critical Premier League matches coming up. Liam thinks Man City are a long way from achieving their goal of winning the Champions League. John says that despite losing at home to Crystal Palace, Chelsea are still in the running to win the Premier League.

Episode 35: Tom Clonan on the Terror Threat and Ireland's Neutrality in a Dangerous World

Dr. Tom Clonan, security analyst and former Irish Army whistleblower, joins Eamon to talk about Ireland's security in these increasingly dangerous times and the price that whisteblowers continue to pay.

Episode 34: Deputy John Halligan on the Bus Strike, Shane Ross and Being in Government with Fine Gael

Eamon is joined by Deputy John Halligan, Minister of State for Training and Skills, to talk about the current political climate, the escalating crisis in public transport and what Minister for Transport Shane Ross should be doing about it.

Episode 33: Ronnie Whelan on Liverpool's Greatest Manager and his Difficult Relationship with Big Jack

Ronnie Whelan joins Eamon to discuss his legendary football career, the tragedies at Heysel and Hillsborough, and playing for the great Bob Paisley during his time at Liverpool.

Episode 32: The Uncertainty with Wenger

Eamon is joined by Liam Brady and Didi Hamann to discuss Arsenal and Arsène Wenger. "Arsenal should clear up the uncertainty around Wenger's position after the international break and before the next game against Manchester City," says Liam. Both Didi and Liam dismiss Eamon's suggestion that referees should be able to have video assistance for more controversial moments.

Episode 31: Professor John Crown on the Irish Health Service and Being Forced to Retire at 65

Professor John Crown is Ireland's most eminent consultant oncologist and a former member of the Seanad. He joins Eamon to discuss his career in the American and Irish health services, what politicians should be doing to remedy the situation.

Episode 30: In Conversation with John Giles

Eamon talks to John Giles about his legendary career, beginning at Manchester United under Matt Busby and ultimately at Leeds United.

Episode 29: Didi Hamann on Rafa, Houllier and that Special Night in Istanbul

Eamon is joined by Didi Hamann to talk about his career: first, at Bayern Munich; playing for Germany; making the move to the Premier League with Newcastle; and, on being part of the team that took Liverpool to historic victory in the 2005 Champions League.

Episode 28: Eddie Molloy Why Irish Scandals Remain Unresolved

Eddie Molloy is a leading management consultant who has formerly consulted with the IDA, the HSE and the Department of the Taoiseach. He joins Eamon on this episode of The Stand to talk about the 'Grace' scandal, Garda scandals, the Tuam mother and baby home and to reveal why Irish whistleblowers should be very afraid.

Episode 27: Dessie Farrell on the Gaelic Players Association's Long March for Justice

Eamon is joined by Dessie Farrell, the former chief executive and founder member of the Gaelic Players Association.

Episode 26: Ibrahimovic Praised, Pogba Ridiculed

Eamon is joined by John Giles and Liam Brady to reflect on the aftermath of Ranieri's sacking. Liam blames the Leicester players, while John says Ranieri only has himself to blame. Both agree that Liverpool could miss out on the Champions League.

Episode 25: A Nurse's Story

Ahead of the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation's work-to-rule industrial action from March 7th, Eamon Dunphy is joined by Moira Craig, an A&E nurse at Beaumont Hospital. Moira speaks about daily life in the emergency department, conditions in the industry and the lure of emigration. "They've been paving the cracks for so long, but there's just nothing left in the tank," she says.

Episode 24: The Decline of Barcelona and Should Wenger Stay or Go?

Eamon Dunphy is joined by Liam Brady and John Giles to discuss the decline of Barcelona. Liam and John are differing sides of the Arsène Wenger debate.

Episode 23: In Conversation with Ruby Walsh

The great Irish jockey on the golden age of Irish horse racing and what the future holds for him.


Episode 22: Mick Clifford on the Maurice McCabe Affair

Mick Clifford talks to The Stand exclusively about the Maurice McCabe affair.

Episode 21: Damien Duff

Damien Duff joins Eamon to talk about coaching the under-15s team: "Kids don't play football on the street anymore, and it's hurting us," he says. They discuss his time at Chelsea, his thoughts on Mourinho this season and he reflects on the McCarthy-Keane row in Saipan.

Episode 20: Liverpool's Taste of the Real World

Eamon is joined by Didi Hamann and John Giles to talk about where the Premier League is at. Is it time for Liverpool to join the real world, asks Didi. John and Didi both think Leicester City should sack Ranieri and Eamon talks about his own "illustrious" career.