Episode 19: Diarmaid Ferriter on Trump, Brexit and Ireland's Foreign Policy

Episode 18: Liverpool & Chelsea's Make or Break Match


Episode 17: Stephen Kenny on the Success, the Struggles and the Sadness

The renowned Irish historian and UCD Professor joins Eamon to talk about how the world has changed irrevocably and questions whether Enda Kenny is the man to deal with the global shifts we're faced with.

Eamon is joined by Liam Brady and Didi Hamann to preview the make or break match between Liverpool and Chelsea and debate whether Klopp and Conte's management skills have been up to scratch or not

Dundalk manager Stephen Kenny talks about his early career as a footballer at St. Patrick's Athletic and Home Farm, his decision to become a manager and bringing Longford Town, Derry City and Dundalk to Europe.

Episode 16: Eamonn McCann

Episode 15:Conte's handling of Costa

Episode 14: Robert Fisk, Part 2

Eamon Dunphy is joined by the politician, journalist and political activist Eamonn McCann to discuss Sinn Féin in the wake of Martin McGuinness' retirement and what impact Brexit will have on Northern Ireland.

Conte's handling of Costa, Pep's man management & Klopp needs to find another way. Eamon Dunphy is joined by Didi Hamann and John Giles to discuss the Premier League's top six teams. 

In the second part of Eamon's interview with Robert Fisk, they discuss President-Elect Donald Trump and the state of American politics.


Episode 13: Robert Fisk, Part 1

Episode 12: John Waters, Part 2

Episode 11: Is it adapt or die for Pep? 

Robert Fisk on War, Politics and 40 Years in Beirut. Eamon Dunphy is joined by the great journalist and foreign correspondent Robert Fisk.

In the second episode of this two-part interview, Eamon is joined by journalist John Waters.

Graeme Souness and John Giles join Eamon to discuss the real contenders for this year's title. 


Episode 10: John Waters, Part 1

Episode 9: Paul Kimmage, Part 2

Episode 8: Paul Kimmage, Part 1

Eamon Dunphy in conversation with the journalist John Waters.


"Hunting Lance Armstrong" - In the second episode of this two-part interview, Eamon Dunphy speaks to Paul Kimmage about the Armstrong saga.

In part one, Eamon Dunphy speaks to Paul Kimmage about life as a cyclist and the pressure to take performance enhancing drugs in professional cycling. 


Episode 7: A Dunphy Apology

Episode 6: A Tough Draw for Arsenal

Episode 5: Liam Brady

On this episode of The Stand, Eamon Dunphy is joined by John Giles and Liam Brady. It begins with an apology from Eamon to Man United fans and Jose Mourinho, the panel discusses Arsenal's defeat to Man City and Liam says Chelsea's Kante and Conte are player and coach of the season so far. 

Eamon is joined by Liam Brady and Didi Hamann to discuss the Champions League and Europa League draws. Didi thinks Arsenal will beat Bayern Munich, while Liam says "it's a very tough draw for us". Eamon makes an early call for Player of the Year and he gets the inside track on Didi's Twitter tussle with Jamie Carragher. 

Liam Brady talks to Eamon Dunphy about life at Arsenal as a player and as Head of the Youth Academy, his time in Italy playing at Juventus and Arsenal's prospects this season. 


Episode 4: Guardiola's latest test

Episode 3: 'History is going to Repeat Itself'

Episode 2

Eamon Dunphy, John Giles and Didi Hamann on Pep Guardiola's latest Premier League test and Jürgen Klopp's Achilles' heel.

On this week's episode of The Stand, Eamon Dunphy is joined by John Giles, Liam Brady and the Mail on Sunday's Oliver Holt, as they discuss the ongoing child abuse scandal rocking English football. Holt gives Eamon the latest update from the UK including the latest on Chelsea's payoff to an abuse victim for his silence.

Has Jose Mourinho lost the Man Utd dressing-room already? With his continuing antics off the pitch and the team's struggles on it, Eamon Dunphy, Liam Brady, John Giles and Didi Hamann discuss the importance of fostering team spirit to give you the extra 2-3%.


Episode 1

On the first episode of The Stand, Eamon Dunphy, John Giles, Liam Brady and Didi Hamann give their assessment of the Premier League season so far.  The panel lauds Conte's brilliance as a coach and highlights the mess that is Mourinho's making at Man Utd - 'it is a marriage made in hell' according to Didi. John Giles thinks Jürgen Klopp is a one-trick pony. 

Launch at TCD

The Stand launches at Trinity College Dublin with a live football discussion featuring Eamon Dunphy with John Giles, Didi Hamann and Liam Brady.

What is The Stand?

The Stand with Eamon Dunphy is a twice-weekly podcast every Monday and Friday, covering all the angles, personalities and controversies in football. With Liam Brady, John Giles and Didi Hamann on the panel, there will be no holds barred, no punches pulled. It will be robust, intelligent and fun.